The Band


Aaron has been playing drums most of his life. Early on, his parents recognized his love for banging on things from the number of dented pots and pans and broken wooden spoons in the kitchen. When Aaron was in 3rd grade, Santa Claus delivered the excaliber of all drumsets, "The Galaxy 2000" and Aaron never looked back. Since then he has played in multiple bands on both the east and west coasts and joined Shine in the summer of 2007. His major influence is Animal from the Muppets.


Mike is a guitar/bass teacher who graduated from NC State and plays music full time. Inspired by his father, he plays bass, guitar, sings, and plays in the house band at the Black Flower Open Jam. Mike has played with many musicians/bands including Stage Left, Traces of Morrow, Love Tribe, Liquor Pop, The Lawn Darts, and many more. He can be seen performing locally at venues around the Triangle and beyond.

Lead Vocals/Keyboards


Meredith, a singer who has quite the variety in her voice! Her main two vocals are pop and Broadway, but loves to Rock Out. She enjoys to perform any and everything! All’s she needs is a stage or audience, that is a place she calls home. So whether she is belting out the latest rock/pop song or singing Disney songs at a child’s birthday party, she guarantees to amaze. She offers shows filled with today's hits or yesterday’s classics.


Lead Guitar/Vocals

Sal started playing guitar in the 60's in New York City where he grew up. In fact, he actually had a band in the summer of '69—unlike Brian Adams who was only 9 years old then. Sal, the unofficial father of the band (in age only, though), has been married since 1979 and is the father of Mike, Shine's bass player. Shine started in 2006 when Mom (Teri) asked the guys to play at a family get together. From that point, the band quickly spread to coffee shops and then to clubs, parties, and weddings. Sal, who prefers a black top Gibson Les Paul, has also played contemporary Christian music at St. Mike's Catholic Church in Cary, NC for 7 years.